Serving Trays

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Prepare yourself for a scrumptious read as we dish on the ultimate collection of serving trays, handpicked to enhance your dining experience. From fancy feasts to casual gatherings, we’ve got you covered with this roundup of the most stylish and functional trays in the market. Get ready to elevate your table settings and impress your guests with our top picks!

The Top 5 Best Serving Trays

  1. RST-2517–1-BK 25" Plastic Food Service Tray — Black — Indulge in a luxurious dining experience with the GET RST-2517–1-BK 25" x 16" Plastic Room Service Tray — Black, featuring a sturdy design, portability, and a sophisticated visual appeal.
  2. Rifle Paper Co. Dovecote Round Serving Tray — Impress guests with the Rifle Paper Co. Dovecote Round Serving Tray, featuring stunning vintage-inspired designs, crafted from sustainable FSC-certified birch and perfect for both decoration and serving.
  3. Pioneer Woman Sweet Rose Ceramic Serving Tray — The Pioneer Woman Sweet Rose Ceramic 14.17-Inch Tray: Serve with Style, Featuring Attractive Floral Designs and Vintage-Inspired Ruffled Edge.
  4. Stunning Modern Coffee Table & Ottoman Serving Tray — Transform your home with this stylish and versatile Montecito Decorative Coffee Table Tray, perfect for any occasion and easy to clean. With a range of colors and a matte finish, enjoy hosting in modern sophistication.
  5. Winsome Benito Bed Tray — Durable, Stylish Solid Wood Option — The Winsome Benito 24.41-inch L Bed Tray offers a sturdy, versatile solution for indoor dining or working while lounging, with a durable wooden tabletop and curved-edged design for added convenience and comfort.

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RST-2517–1-BK 25" Plastic Food Service Tray — Black


When I first laid my eyes on the RST-2517–1-BK plastic room service tray, I was amazed by its visual appeal. The black finish gave it an elegant, professional look, and its texture looked incredibly authentic. It felt solid yet light enough to easily carry around.

The tray’s dimensions of 25 inches by 16 inches provided the perfect size for carrying gourmet cuisine, making it the ideal solution for serving at parties or events. Its angled edges kept any spilled contents contained, preventing messes and cleaning up a breeze. I loved its sturdiness as well, knowing that it would hold up no matter where we used it.

One of my favorite features was that our tray was 100% BPA-free and dishwasher safe, making it both environmentally friendly and super convenient. Plus, I could stack them with ease in between uses, saving counter space. There wasn’t a single negative to this tray; it was simply perfect for our needs.

Rifle Paper Co. Dovecote Round Serving Tray


The Rifle Paper Co. Dovecote Round Serving Tray is a stunning addition to any indoor or outdoor entertainment setup. This versatile tray, designed in the USA and handmade in Sweden, is made using lightweight, FSC-certified birch and laminated plywood, giving it a modern yet vintage appearance.

Measuring 38cm in diameter, the tray features a captivating Dovecote design, which adds a touch of elegance to any coffee table display. The rounded shape of the tray is a perfect fit for a variety of uses, making it a great choice for serving drinks, snacks, or even as an eye-catching decor piece.

This stylish tray is not only visually appealing but also practical, with a dishwasher-safe laminated finish that ensures easy cleaning and durability. Whether you use it for entertaining guests or simply adding a pop of color to your home, the Rifle Paper Co. Dovecote Round Serving Tray is a must-have for any modern household.

Pioneer Woman Sweet Rose Ceramic Serving Tray

Introducing the Pioneer Woman Sweet Rose Ceramic 14.17-Inch Tray — a lovely, country-inspired addition to your kitchen or dining area. This platter is perfect for serving meals or hors d’oeuvres to your dear ones, showcasing your culinary creations in true, vibrant style. Made from sturdy stoneware, each piece boasts Ree’s signature floral designs that are as eye-catching as they are timeless. The vintage-inspired ruffled edge rim adds a charming touch to your serving, while the roomy size can accommodate anything from tasty snacks to large roast meals.

Adding a charming touch to your decor, this versatile platter can be used for any season or occasion. Mix and match it effortlessly with both modern and traditional designs or coordinate it with other pieces from The Pioneer Woman Collection. Easy to clean, this dishwasher-safe platter is convenient for everyday use, special occasions, and everything in between. Perfect for serving up something special, this Pioneer Woman Sweet Rose Serving Tray Set is a must-have for every kitchen enthusiast and entertainer.

Ree Drummond, the woman behind the popular Pioneer Woman lifestyle blog, is also the face behind these stunning pieces. With her love for cooking, entertaining, and all things country-style, she brings a unique charm to each and every serving platter. Make your kitchen or dining area come alive with the Pioneer Woman Sweet Rose Ceramic 14.17-Inch Tray, and bring a touch of country elegance to your table settings.

Stunning Modern Coffee Table & Ottoman Serving Tray


The Montecito Coffee Table Tray instantly transformed my living room from an ordinary space to a chic, modern haven. The matte finish, seamlessly blending farmhouse style with contemporary design, added an air of sophistication while remaining versatile and functional. The champagne gold handles not only add a touch of glamour but also made it incredibly easy to carry around the house, impressing guests during entertainment.

The tray’s dimensions of 16.5"x12.25"x2 provided ample space for serving coffee, food, and even champagne during special occasions. The deep Crimson Red, rich Midnight Blue, dusty smoky off-white, moody Loden Green, and lovely Mauve color options allowed me to choose the perfect shade to match my existing home decor. The matte finish, although not dishwasher or oven safe, was a breeze to clean with a damp cloth.

This tray became a staple in various areas of my home, serving as a beautiful addition to coffee table displays, nurseries, entryways, and bedside tables. Despite its elegant appearance, the tray remains practical and easy to maintain, making it a valuable investment for any homeowner.

The only downside was that this tray might not be suitable for heavy dishes or large gatherings, as the maximum weight recommendation is 5 pounds. However, considering its versatility and attractive design, it’s a small detail that doesn’t overshadow the overall satisfaction with the product.

Winsome Benito Bed Tray — Durable, Stylish Solid Wood Option


The Winsome Benito bed tray feels like a luxury addition to any bedroom or living room decor. The curved top and foldable legs make it versatile and easy to store, while the dark espresso finish gives it a sleek and sophisticated appearance.

The tray’s sturdy build allows for daily use without compromising on durability. However, the cardboard base can be problematic, as it doesn’t hold up well against spills or wear and tear.

Overall, it’s a functional and stylish product that’s perfect for those who enjoy the comfort of indulging in their meals or work while lying in bed.

Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to serving trays, the options are endless, leaving shoppers feeling indecisive. To help you make the right choice, we’ve put together a buyer’s guide that covers general features, considerations, and advice for selecting the ideal serving tray for your needs.


The material of the serving tray is a crucial factor to consider. Common materials include metal, plastic, glass, and ceramic. Each material has its benefits and drawbacks. Metal trays are durable and heat-resistant, making them ideal for serving hot dishes. Plastic trays are lightweight and affordable, but may not be as sturdy as metal ones. Glass and ceramic trays are elegant and heat-resistant, making them great for both hot and cold food items. Weigh the pros and cons of each material based on your specific needs before making your choice.


Serving trays come in a variety of sizes, from small appetizer plates to large buffet tables. Consider your serving needs and the available storage space. If you plan to serve a large array of items, a larger tray may be more convenient. However, smaller trays take up less storage space and are better suited for smaller gatherings.


If you frequently serve hot dishes, consider purchasing a tray that is well-insulated. Insulation helps to keep the contents warm without burning the surface. Several trays on the market come with silicone or neoprene lining, which can provide excellent insulation without compromising on design. Make sure to read the product specifications to determine if the tray includes insulation and check user reviews for real-life results.


Serving trays come in various designs, from classic white with a gold rim to modern, colorful patterns. While the design may seem like an aesthetic choice, it can also play a role in functionality. A raised lip on the tray, for example, can help to prevent spills when transporting food items. Other designs may include handles or even detachable lids. Take your preferred style, and consider the functionality aspects of the design before making your decision.


Serving trays: More than just for serving food at events?

Serving trays are not only limited to being used at events for carrying appetizers, desserts, or beverages, but their practicality extends to a variety of other purposes. These trays can be used for outdoor picnics, potlucks, or even as a presentation tool for displaying items in stores. Additionally, they can serve non-food-related items, such as stationery or offering beverages at a bar or cocktail party. The versatility of serving trays makes them a perfect choice for various occasions and settings.

Furthermore, serving trays can be used for storage purposes at home. Metal or glass trays can be used as a functional divider in cabinets to organise items or as a display surface on dining tables. The potential for repurposing these trays is vast, depending on your needs and preferences.

The material used to make serving trays?

Serving trays are typically made from materials known for their durability, ease of cleaning, and aesthetic appeal. Common materials include metal, glass, and plastic, with each having its distinct characteristics.

Metal trays, primarily made of materials such as stainless steel and copper, are often chosen for their style and durability. The classic and upscale look of metals makes these trays a popular choice for various events.

Glass trays offer crystal clear visibility of the food items, making them a suitable choice for showcasing vibrant colors and patterns. They are an excellent option for elegant or visually appealing displays.

Plastic trays, on the other hand, are more affordable and lightweight, making them perfect for everyday use or informal gatherings. The variety of colors and patterns available allows you to choose a tray that complements your décor or theme.

Do I need to invest in several serving trays?

No, you don’t need to have multiple serving trays for different purposes. A single, versatile serving tray can be used for various events and food items, as well as storage and presentation purposes. This variety in use can make it a valuable addition to your home or event setting.

The choice of material for a serving tray should ideally align with your budget, required durability, and the specific event or purpose for which the tray will be used.

Tips for maintaining and cleaning my serving tray?

To ensure the longevity of your serving tray, it is essential to clean it properly. Most serving trays are easy to maintain, and with the right methods, they can shine again like new. For instance, metal trays can be cleaned with warm soapy water, followed by a gentle polish with a soft cloth to regain their shine. Glass trays should be handled with care using mild soaps and soft sponges to prevent scratches or damage.

If the tray has intricate patterns or designs, consult the manufacturer’s instructions for proper cleaning. Specialized cleaning materials or techniques may be needed, depending on the tray’s material. Moreover, storing the tray in a cool, dry place can help in extending its life and maintaining its quality over time.

How to choose the right serving tray?

When picking a serving tray, consider factors such as the size, material, and design that align with your specific needs and preferences. A well-sized serving tray should adequately hold the food items it will be transporting and accommodate storage or display space.

Additionally, the material and aesthetic design of the tray should complement your home’s decor or the event’s theme. Taking into account factors like durability, ease of cleaning, and potential for repurposing can help in finding the ideal serving tray that serves both style and functionality.

Can I use reusable or disposable plates on serving trays?

Yes, you can use reusable plates made from materials like ceramic, porcelain, or stoneware on serving trays. These materials are often durable and easy to clean, making them a practical choice for transporting food items. Additionally, having matching or coordinated reusable plates on a serving tray can enhance the presentation’s visual elements.

For those preferring the convenience of disposable plates, plastic or paper plates can be used. However, look for compostable or recyclable ones that are more environmentally friendly. Just remember to choose plates that are safe for contact with food items.

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